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If you are seeking out a leading Philippine real estate development company, Century Properties is the company you are looking for. Established in 1986, this company is the true personification of innovation. The creators of captivating residential developments across the country. The company has attracted both local and international attention and recognition. With offices worldwide they are difficult to ignore. Architecture, design, amenities and community living set the quality bar unbelievably high.

Vision For The Future

Century Properties has a vision which they are focused on. With a goal to enhance life overall for all Filipinos they go above and beyond to provide high-quality, easily attainable properties in the Philippines. Unique real estate concepts set this company apart from the rest. Value, comfort and affordablility are what you can expect from this top ranking real estate development company.

Awards and Accolades

Achieving awards for high-quality developments and customer service is another notch in the belt of this top achieving company. With so much recognition, they really must be doing something right.

  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards
  • Century Spire - Best Mixed-Use Development - Philippines
  • 2014 South East Asia Property Awards
  • Azure Urban Resort Residences - Best Mid-Range Condo Development - Philippines
  • 2014 Philippines Property Awards
  • Azure Urban Resort Residences - Best Condo Development - Philippines
  • 2014 Philippines Property Awards
  • Century City Mall -Highly commended, Best Commercial Development - Retail
  • Century City Mall -Highly commended, Best Commercial Architectural Design
  • 2013 - Pacific Property Awards
  • Acqua Iguazu - Acqua Private Residences
  • Best Interior Design Show Home - Philippines
  • 2012 - South East Asia Property Awards
  • Real Estate Personality of the Year - Jose E.B. Antonio
  • 2012 - Asia Pacific Property Awards
  • Trump Tower - Best High-Rise Development - Philippines
  • Best Residential High-Rise Development - Philippines
  • Milano Residences - Highly Commended High-Rise Architecture - Philippines

With such award winning acclaim and acknoledgement of work accomplished this is truly a property development team you can rely on to provide you with a home of high-quality, comfort and value for your money.

Century Properties - Giving Back To The Community

Not only does Century Propertes create homes that will enhance the lives of Filipinos, they believe that giving back to the community is part of the upliftment process. A vital cog in creating a lifestyle for all that is comfortable, happy and secure.

Operation Smile - Private, non-profit medical services that operates through the assistance of volunteers. The roots of the worldwide children’s medical charity are also deeply set in this organization. The organization aims to provide reconstructive surgery and related health care services to indignant children and young people. Norfolk, Virginia, USA is where the headquarters can be found. Century Property Development has gone donated a vast amount of money to this charity and the good work that is carries out. They continue to assist the charity organization in raising funds to assist children in the Philippines with abnormalities that could affect them for life. These include cleft lip, cleft palate, facial deformities and a variety of other afflictions.

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation - Century Properties has developed a partnership with this non-profit organization. The goal is to build the GK-Centuries Properties Village which is a resettlement community situated in Hinohon Street, Barangka Drive, Mandayulong City. Century Properties has donated millions to the cause to build thirty housing units on a piece of land that was donated by the Mandayulong City government. This is for the benefit of the people living in informal settlements in Hinahon.

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Properties and Developments To Be Proud Of

Azure Urban Resort Residences

Inspiration for this development is taken from the white ocean-swept appeal of Miami. Tropically themed and one of a kind. The resort is home to the first man-made beach. All the ammenities built into this amazing resort promote health, well-being and recreation. Isn’t that what a home away from home is meant to be all about?

  • Open park for relaxation in the fresh air, warm sun and cool breeze.
  • Zen garden for those who seek to find their inner peace in a place that is more than appropriate.
  • A variety of playgrounds are on offer to keep the kids outdoors where they should be.
  • The Kid’s Water Slide allows your children to cool off while having a blast in the summer heat. Let them build friendships that will last the for all time.
  • The lap pool and waterfalls are the perfect way to end of a busy day of activities. Relax and enjoy time with your significant other.
  • Enjoy some refreshments at the poolside bar.
  • Beach volleyball and basket ball courts are available for those who enjoy physical activity, even on a vacation.
  • The unique kidney-bean shaped clubhouse is the perfect place to mingle, make memories and develop bonds that will never be forgotten.

The natural, rich environment is designed to promote tranquility and relaxation. There is no other place you will want to be.

The company Broadway Malyan is responsible for the architectural design and masterplanning of this magnificent resort. Natural ventilation, light and shade compliment the modern aesthetics. The tropical ambience is fitting for such a place of luxurious pleasure. 

A unique experience will transport you into a world of relaxation in the blink of an eye.

Acqua Private Residence

Your own personal rainforest in the heart of the metropolis. Did you ever imagine this could be a reality? A paradise amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Relaxation and luxury abound. Lush greenery and an umbrella of trees encasing your paradise in its own bubble of sorts. Mezmerising water features create the feeling of being out in the wild. Solitude and relaxation, comfort and luxury, all rolled into one. Built in ammenities give you everything your could ever dream of, right on your doorstep.

Broadway Malyan Architectural Firm have carefully planned this development. Created on the site of an old sugar refinery, the transformation has been magical. Condos are built into six towers. Each tower provides uninterrupted views of the Makati skyscrapers across the bridge, the city skyline graces the view to the north and the water down below provides tranquil solace.

Enjoy natural, lush , tropical surroundings while still being a part of the city landscape and lifestyle.

This is a true riverfront residence if ever there was one. Located on the Pasig River in Coronado Street. The area where Mandaluyon meets Makati. Easy access to surrounding areas and the central business district in Makati.

Be at the center of the hive of activity without actually being in it.

Century Spire

Giorgio Armani brings interior branding of Armani/Casa to Manila. Interiors that create with haute couture in mind. Exquisite doesn’t do it justice. Century Spire is honestly the most beautiful, awe-inspiring high-rise skyscraper to be lifted off the ground in the Philippines. Petal-inspired architecture is the basis of the design created by Daniel Libeskind. The skyscraper provides both residential and prime office space for purchasing and ownership.

This tower is like no other. While most taper off into a point at the peak, this tower opens like a flower in bloom as it rises. Geometric shapes enhance the sophistication of the design detail. The residents lucky enough to snap up one of the top floor units will benefit from the design. Dynamic, open living areas create a lifestyle found only in dreams. Views from these heights is breathtaking, leaving no area unexplored. Regardless of direction, you will have the windows to the world.

Century Spire is locate in Century City in Makati, Philippines. In the heart of the community of extraordinary building and structures will stand this phenomenal,unique feature point. Surrounded by structures of magnificence like the Trump Tower and Century City Mall, Century Spire is truly in the right place. The immediate surrounding cater for your every whim. From schools and hospitals to ecclectic coffee shops and grand restaurants. Everything is a stone’s throw away, nothing more.

Azure North

Azure North, inspiration that is in vast contrast to that of Azure. Atolls and rock that litter the surface of the water as they jut out and break the surface is what this grand development is mirrored on. Sprawling lands and lush vegetation abound. There is nothing usual about it. Extraordinary defines it completely. Experience beachfront living right in the busy metropolis. Affordable living meets resort style pleasures is what you can expect to uncover here.

Situated in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. Plum in the heart of Central Luzon, activity and excitement are definitely not lacking.The area of San Fernando has no shortage of schools, tertiary institutions or day care facilities so you can rest assured that your family will be well-catered for. Commercial establishments and shopping facilities litter the area just waiting for you to explore them.

While Paris Hilton may be known for her once wild antics and short bout as a music artist, she is much more than that. Her design skills come to light in this “beach-centric” developments. Success of the Paris Beach Club at Azure has spurred her on to create something even more decadent for Azure North.

Novotel Suites Manila

The concepts brought to the fore with this development are a landmark in the industry. While you can choose to own your very own living space in Novotel Suites Manila, customized and outfitted to your specificiation, this is not the only option. Perhaps you are a budding hotelier? This is your chance to take possession of shares in this unique hotel project. The Century Fractional Ownership Program allows you to purchase your share in the hotel and experience unforgettabl, luxury vacation stays, with worldwide vacation destinations. Enjoy the annual rental income.

41 Storeys high, Novotel Suites Manila makes the fusion of an international branded hotel and a residential experience that is second to none, to light. Be on the receiving end of outstanding service, amenities that will blow you away and living spaces that are designed with luxury, comfort and open spaces in mind. Makati Central Business District only a short distance away. Have all the attractions close at hand and experience the wonder of this master-planned waterfront development.

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This is certainly a project that you want to be a part of.

Century Spire Offices

Luxury residential carefully integrated with state-of-the- art corporate spaces in an architectural creation of steel and glass. The skyscraper fills the Makati skyline with the silhouette of the brilliantly innovative structure that is Century Spire Offices. Central to the Makati Central Business District and within arm’s reach of the splendid Century City Mall, this is the hive of activity that is the character of a metropolis. With the recent growth spurt in the economy and the upgrading of the international credit rating, the Philippines has become the country to trade with.

Take your business to the next level of excellence. Century Spire will be renowned for meeting the global standards which are conducive to high-quality work production and work environments that thrive.

Centuria Medical Makati

The brilliance and innovative creativeness of Century Properties is not limited to residential or even office buildings, it extends far greater than that. At the heart of Century City, Makati, Philippines, you will find Centuria Medical Makati. This is an emergency medical and outpatient facility that will be the home of more than 700 clinics and practitioners. There will be no need to seek medical assitance anywhere else. Everything you require incorporated into one facility.

Modern design and careful planning aim to create a space that will allow you to experience a holistic healing experience. An efficient clinic environment and uncomplicated service centered around the patients is what the results will provide. There is nothing more mind-easing than realizing you have it all right where you need it. When you’re unwell, the last thing you want it to go from pillar to post to find the help you need. Centuria Medical Makati gives you time to heal without the hassle.

Other Projects

This property development company is exceptional. You need only view the quality of the projects they have successfully completed or are in the process of bringing to life.

  • Acqua Livingstone
  • Acqua Iguaza
  • The Milano Residences
  • Trump Tower At Century City
  • Essensa
  • Knightsbridge Residences
  • Gramercy Residences
  • Centuria Medical Makati
  • Century City Mall

It becomes very apparent why this fine realty development company has managed to secure their place in the top five in their field. Partnerships with amazing designers who each offer their flair and character to their signigicant projects is what gives this company diversity.

Creativity, innovation, architectural brilliance - A perfect depiction of Century Properties.